Autoswitch Model AS7 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an Autoswitch on the Work Bench

It is a smart idea to bench test any electrical device before beginning a multi step installation process. If after fully installing the device there is a problem, the installer can rule out the device and focus on a wiring problem or error.

Pre-testing an AS7 takes just a few minutes and uses any 12V battery. The most basic test done without any extra tools is listed below:

  1. Find any available 12V battery including the one installed on your vehicle.
  2. Contact the red AS7 wire to the + terminal and the black wire to the - (neg) terminal. Somehow finger hold or tape or push wire-end into any slot on the terminal.
  3. The LED should be solid RED.
  4. Touch and hold the yellow wire (trigger) to + terminal until LED starts flashing fast then remove it.
  5. The LED should be solid GREEN.
  6. The Violet wire puts out 12V+ to your relay during the GREEN LED.
  7. You have the option now of testing your relay with the violet wire, or not.

The above confirms the AS7 is working properly.

Strange or unexpected response from trigger sequence

  1. The AS7 checks the trigger for 1 second after getting power on the circuit to determine if its a CANBUS BMW, older BMW or a regular bike. Be sure this sequence is not reversed or somehow not taking place.
  2. The AS7has the 2 short blue wires ONLY for pre-CANBUS BMW bikes. Be sure the tips on the 2 blue wires is NOT shorted or in contact. AS7 comes to you with these NOT connected. They should be connected only for older BMW bikes AND if using the turn signal cancel button.

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