Autoswitch Model AS5P

What's In The Bag

Cable Ties, Adhesive Mounting Tape, and Wire Taps

Technical Information

  • Housing Dimensions: 1.42" square, 0.315" thick
  • Weight packaged: 0.244 Lb
  • Wire type: #20 600V rated
  • Relay Current Info: Max current draw for Autoswitch trigger wire (violet) is 200mA @12Volts With 150mA preffered maximum.
  • Weight installed with wires: 0.202 Lb
  • Wire lengths: Power feed, 24" Sense wire yellow 36"
  • Package includes: 3 8" tie wraps, 6 4" tie wraps, 2 wire clips, adhesive tape, instructions.

How It Works

The visual LED blinks rapidly during the timed "window" up to 10 seconds long when you should release the trigger signal (high beam switch). The single tap to flash the high beams or leaving the high beams on will not activate the Autoswitch. LED shines green to indicate power to your auxiliary lights relay.


No information is currently provided.


The Autoswitch is easy to install. If you already have auxiliary driving lights installed with a controlling toggle switch and relay, Put the Autoswitch VIOLET wire where your toggle switch was connected on the relay coil pin. Tap the RED into any ignition-swtiched 'ON' wire for power, YELLOW wire to the high beam bulb wire. Add connection to ground, and neatly tuck the Autoswitch and wires out of the way in any convenient location. And without building a bracket, drilling any holes, or modifying your dash, you’re done!

Go ahead and look at the detailed instruction sheets but don't be spooked by the amount of text! The above paragraph is really what it's all about if you are a knowledgable tech or shadetree mechanic.

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