Autoswitch Model AS7R

New AS7 version provides both 12VDC to a relay, PLUS internal contact closure on 2 wires from internal micro relay.

The AS7R works and installs the same as AS7. The "R" version includes an internal micro-relay which adds contact-closure, or "shorting" of 2 Orange output wires. The 2 orange wires are designed for shorting of some external switch functions, voltage up to 24 volts but limited to pass 50mA or less.

The 2 orange wires are continuously connected or shorted for the duration of the ON state of the AS-7R, which shines the green LED. Orange wires are used for garage-door-remote transmitters on the AS7G but cannot be used for that here because this is a continuous ON.

Some uses for the Orange wires are:

  1. Contact closure, non voltage or amperage related
  2. Closure to chassis ground
  3. Passing 24 VDC max and 50 mA max for example LED or small bulb indicator in addition to LED use
  4. Control an external small relay

All the above are only suggestions and possible custom user designed applications are the responsibility of the buyer/installer/user. We welcome your input and ideas for posting here and helping others.

Please refer to the Autoswitch AS7 and AS7G pages for additional information.

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