Autoswitch Model AS6B and AS6B2 (BMW Only)

What's In The Bag

Cable Ties, Adhesive Mounting Tape, and Wire Taps

Technical Information

  • Housing Dimensions: 1.42" square, 0.315" thick
  • Weight packaged: 0.244 Lb
  • Wire type: #20 & #22 600V rated
  • Relay Current Info: Max current draw for Autoswitch trigger wire (violet) is 200mA @12Volts With 150mA preffered maximum. Power Consumption in OFF state: 15mA
  • Weight installed with wires: 0.202 Lb
  • Wire lengths: Power feed, 24" Sense wire orange-yellow 72"
  • Package includes: 3 8" tie wraps, 6 4" tie wraps, 2 wire clips, adhesive tape, moldable paste, instructions.
  • Not suitable for auxiliary HID lighting systems.

How It Works

The Autoswitch works by looking for a 0.8 to 10.8 seconds pulse from your turn signal cancel button wire. On all modern R and K series BMW motorcycles the turn signals are canceled by tapping the cancel button. This button sends a digital pulse plus varies the voltage to tell the chassis computer to turn off the turn signal.


To activate the driving light relay ON or OFF you push and hold the turn signal cancel button for 0.8 to 10.8 seconds. During the time you should release the button for the relay to click over, the LED flashes red-green quickly. Actually just by remembering to hold the cancel button for an extended period such as 1 to 10 seconds to let go is all you need. The LED glows red when lights are off and green with lights ON. The LED is not really necessary unless you prefer the reminder.


To activate the driving light relay ON or OFF you push twice quickly on the TSC, the LED flashes red-green quickly inside the time of the 2 pulses. Actually just by remembering to tap twice quickly (quick sequence). The LED glows red when lights are off and green with lights ON. The LED is not really necessary unless you prefer the reminder.

Of course if your turn signal was ON when you want to activate the relay, you will also turn off the turn signal.

For normally canceling the turn signal just do the usual short interval push and release. Most riders including this writer hold that for half a second at the most.

All Autoswitches return to the OFF state once powered down. So when you start up the bike again you must turn on the driving lights again using the same simple sequence.


Installing the Autoswitch will not alter your existing wiring and can never cause a malfunction to your existing circuits. The Autoswitch simply taps any 12 volt wire after the ignition switch for power and turn-signal-cancel button control wire Add connections to ground and the coil of the auxiliary light relay and you have installed the Autoswitch!

We have done and photographed a 2005 R1200GS and a 2006 K1200GT. These should represent all the R and K series for chassis computer location, connection points for the sensor wire and the blue-white wire color to confirm. We will welcome and can make incentive arrangements to add your other R and K bike installs to our database and web page. We also need help on the latest CAN-BUS F series bikes.

An excellent source of power for the Autoswitch circuit will be the charger/accessory jack power panel. With or without the BMW Y-Harness adapter available from dealers

Connect the Black lead to a chassis ground. You may need to extend the black lead with a piece of scrap wire to reach a suitable frame or battery ground point.

The Violet wire controls your lights. If you are using a Cycle Gadgets lighting kit, attach the Violet wire to the Alternate Control Harness. For other lighting solutions, attach it to the +12V coil terminal on the light kit relay.

There are many options for mounting the LED, depending on the amount of effort you want to put into it. You can drill a hole small enough for just the lens of the LED in the dash and use silicone adhesive to hold it in from behind, fasten with a cable clip at the front of the fuel tank, etc. We have found that it's pretty easy to get the hang of the Autoswitch timing without a visual cue, so you may find it adequate to just coil up the LED under the seat and not use it at all.

For additional information, please view our Relay Basics for the Novice page.


The Autoswitch is easy to install. If you already have auxiliary driving lights installed with a controlling toggle switch and relay, Put the Autoswitch VIOLET and the BLACK wire where your toggle was connected on the relay coil pins. Tap the RED into any ignition-swtiched 'ON' wire for power, YELLOW-ORANGE wire to the turn-signal cancel button wire. Add connections to ground, and neatly tuck the Autoswitch and wires out of the way in any convenient location. And without building a bracket, drilling any holes, or modifying your dash, you’re done!

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