Autoswitch Model AS5NG2 (BMW Only)

What's In The Bag

Cable Ties, Adhesive Mounting Tape, and Wire Taps

Technical Information

  • Housing Dimensions: 1.42" square, 0.315" thick
  • Weight packaged: 0.244 Lb
  • Wire type: #20 600V rated
  • Contact Closure Info: This is not a current carrying contact, it can only be used to close circuit between its two wires.
  • Weight installed with wires: 0.202 Lb
  • Wire lengths: Power feed, 24" Sense wire yellow 36". Wire to opener 36".
  • Package includes: 3 8" tie wraps, 6 4" tie wraps, 2 wire clips, adhesive tape, instructions.

How It Works

Special version activates your hidden garage door remote. Takes 2 quick pulses of the TSC. Closes a tiny onboard relay contact for 2 seconds. This then simulates the pushbutton on your garage door remote control. Requires opening up your remote to solder in 2 wires at right location. OR we modify your remote for $23 post paid.


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Garage Controller Setup

The way we designed our system, you use the same high security controller you already trust and have been using. No worries about aftermarket low security controllers or high prices for new ones that work on our system. Its fairly simple to connect the Autoswitch to your controller, OR send it to us and we will do it for you. No need to send us your Autoswitch (if already purchased, or purchasing from your favorite dealer). We simply get your controller and add 2 wires to exit the controller which you then simply splice onto the Autoswitch! We will do this for your controller at a flat rate $23 including delivery back to you.

How It Works and How It's Done

This special Autoswitch G series have an on-board relay which opens and closes contact for 2 seconds on 2 wires on the Autoswitch. These 2 wires then connect inside your existing garage door RF remote opener/controller. The 2 wires connect inside on the PC board of your opener using a small soldering pencil and a bit of electronic solder. The wires exit the controller via small hole existing on the controller or a hole you make using a blade or small grinder.

The wires inside the controller connect to where the physical pushbutton on your controller is connected. You will need a way to confirm continuity when pressing the physical button on the PCB (printed circuit board) of your controller. Just use an Ohm meter and select the points you think are right. Once you see the contact closure on your Ohm meter you have located the solder points for the Autoswitch control wire.

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