BMW Full Digital Handlebar Cluster

The latest BMW bikes which changed away from BMW style turn signal cancel (TSC) now use industry standard single button to turn-on and turn-off the turn signals. The cluster itself now digitizes all the buttons on a computer board inside the switch cluster and sends only 2 wires to the body computer (Basik Modul).

To permit using the TSC button to activate Autoswitch on this switch cluster will require a new interface board to be introduced in the future. No time frame is availabel yet.

An immediate solution already proven on K1600GTL 2013 is to use the first few millimeters of clutch lever to click the clutch mini switch at the base of the clutch lever. A very light pull on the clutch lever without actually activating the clutch is used. This can be tested on your lever by pulling in slightly and listen for the click of the clutch sensor switch at base of the lever. Using this method allows a simpler, faster less intrusive Autoswitch sense wire connection than the TSC buton will be, later. However if traveling with the cruise-control set on, it will turn off the "cruise" and it will just need to be reset to resume cruising speed.

Pictures of an install on a 2013 K1600GTL are shown.

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