Autoswitch Model AS5PG2 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an Autoswitch on the Work Bench

It is always recommended you pre-test operation of accessories of any kind before being installed on your vehicle. Especially important when the accessory is electrical, electronic and involves over an hour of detailed labor and vehicle dissasembly. If the product being installed is defective, you just saved a great deal of time and effort, and can go direct to working with the supplier to remedy the problem. If a problem arrises after the product is installed you already know to troubleshoot your wiring not the product itself.

With all that said, lets test the autoswitch on the bench or at your shop before you install it. You will need a 12-14 Volt power source and a Volt meter/Ohm meter.

  1. Unpack the Autoswitch AS5PG2. Apply +12V to the red wire and ground the black wire. You should see the red LED illuminate for 1 second.
  2. Set your Ohm meter to read continuity and connect the leads to the black/white cable (zip cord wire)
  3. Touch the yellow wire to +12V source twice quickly. The two contact times must be completed in less than 1.2 seconds. It is 2 quick touches within 1.2 second of each other.
  4. Watch or listen to your Ohm meter as the white/black wire shorts or closes contact for 1 second.
  5. You have proven your AS5PG2 is GOOD.

Toubleshooting an Autoswitch Installation

Check your connections. Check your connections. Check your Connections.

If you check your connections we are 99.5% certain the problem will be solved. These little circuits over the years of refinement (version 5 now) have become excellent at surviving your misuse, abuse, bad installs, bike drops, reverse voltage, bad relays etc.

Some addtional tips:

  • If you care about your work and not paying by the hour to do it, dump the red wire clips. Solder all your connections. Since most connections are a T type and hard to wrap, I use a dab of silicon glue or pieces of plastic tube and other ways to insulate well the connection. Be sure the silicon hardens before closing up the bike or powering up!
  • If your lights blink OFF and then back ON, you have a loose connection either to the relay coil or the high amp wires that the relay is controlling. Dont ignore the ground connections to the lights or relay.
  • If your lights go off and you have to use the Autoswitch to turn them back on then power to the Autoswitch red or black wire is intermittent.
  • Get your voltmeter and test for voltages at the inputs and outputs of the Autoswitch.
  • If the LED is green you MUST have voltage coming from the violet wire. Disconnect your relay coil and test again, maybe the coil is bad or shorted.
  • The LED turns red upon power up, 97% chance the circuit is working fine.

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