Autoswitch Model AS5PG2 Technical Support

Using a Headlight Modulator

This Autoswitch is triggered by the high beam wire so there is no interaction because your modulator affects only low beam. However our instructions may tell you to feed power to the Autoswitch (to energize the circuit) from the low beam wire or power source. Thats only one of the sources available to you for this purpose. If you do select that wire to energize the AS, just be sure feed point is BEFORE the modulator so the AS gets steady power.

Using a Turn Signal Canceler

If using an aftermarket turn signal canceler that ALSO sends a negative or ground connection to the controller box, be sure the pulse is less than 1 second in length and it is a single pulse. This will avoid it telling the Autoswitch to activate your lights relay ON or OFF. Or activating the garage door opener.

Using Multiple Autoswitches on the Same Vehicle

The AS5PG2 looks at a power ON window of 1.2 seconds to 10 seconds during which time the high beam would be turned off to activate your lights relay.

The second Autoswitch would be the AS5P2 which takes 2 quick power on pulses from the high beam wire to activate the lights relay. This AS5P2 ignores the long pulse thats seen only by the AS5P. Likewise the AS5P ignores the 2 quick pulses that the AS5P2 sees. Or instead of the P2 it may be the garage model AS5NG2 but 2 of the same pulse models shall not be used on the same vehicle if sensing the same circuit. (both activations would occur).

Some uses for 2 switches might be separate control of one or 2 sets of auxiliary lights. Or to turn on a power strip providing power direct from the battery, or to remove power from a circuit.

On BMW bikes with the negative pulse turn signal cancel, up to 4 switches total can be used!

LED Indicator Light Information

This LED has a lens on top. The housing is a 5mm diameter, 7mm tall. There is a 1mm long flange at the bottom thats 6mm diameter. The wire underneath needs aproximately 20mm before a full bend can be made. This stiffness is only due to all the layers of protective heat shrink tubing. By modifying this area the bottom of the LED wire secion can be set up much smaller.

The LED is a bi-color. Red or Green. It changes color by getting the volatge on the feed wire reversed by the processor. When the LED is quickly pulsed the color appears orange to the eye. The wire is 6 to 7 feet long. It should never be cut or altered due to the danger of damaging the processor chip. If the wires are shorted when the Autoswitch is powered up, the processor chip will be instantly ruined.

Further tech info about converting the LED to be a bulb, or changing to a different LED entails custom work, info and configurations we do not have available at this time.

Modifying Your Garage Door Remote

No information is currently provided.

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