Autoswitch Lighting Controllers

The safer, better way to activate auxiliary (driving lights, fog lights) lights or accessories on your motorcycle.

Mounting a toggle switch on a bracket under the dash on your car or on your motorcycle looks unsightly and out of place, usually like a cheap add-on item that doesn't match the fine look of the instrument panel. On cars, that under-dash switch will get kicked, bent and even ripped out of its mounting. On motorcycles, the add-on switch will be exposed to the rain, dust, and sun until it eventually fails, leaving you in the dark.

Using an Autoswitch avoids the need to drill holes or mount a toggle switch under your car’s instrument panel to put it on the dash. Great for motorcycles ATVs because it’s even harder to find a good place to mount a switch.

  • Use the high beam button OR (BMW) Turn Signal Cancel Button already at your fingertips.
  • Installs hidden on your motorcycle and controls the high power relay in your light kit.
  • No reaching for the old fashioned toggle switch mounted far from your hands.
  • No mounting issues associated with a toggle switch such as holes, brackets, and exposed wires.
  • No toggle switch to fail or be exposed to water and dust damage over time.

The module is an electronic circuit only 1/4" thick and just over 1" square, and can activate an auxiliary lights relay using a timed pulse from an existing switch. The high beam switch (power wire) on motorcycles and cars. For BMW motorcycles R and K, plus latest F series you can use the turn signal cancel button!

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