Autoswitch Garage Door Controllers

The faster, safer way to open or close that garage door.

Autoswitch will raise or lower your garage door, entry gate and anything else which is remote controlled via your push button transmitter! Once installed, simply tap the high beam button OR on BMW bikes the Turn Signal Cancel button twice to activate your garage-remote hidden near the front of your bike.

  • Your garage remote is hidden on the bike. Thief will never find it to break into your home.
  • You will never lose or misplace your remote again.
  • No more finding and removing gloves to operate the tiny buttons on the remote.
  • Autoswitch connects to your existing remote already encoded to your opener.
  • You can do the connections yourself or we do it for you at minimal cost.

Our Autoswitch G series will do the controlling of your "garage remote" via a connection from Autoswitch to inside your remote.

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