Autoswitch Model AS7G Garage Remote Preparation

Preparing your garage remote transmitter

If you are unable to perform this simple mod, we can do it for you at $22 post paid. Send us your remote in a padded envelope and we will add the wires that you can externally connect to the 2 orange wires on AS7G. We will return the remote to you first class mail with delivery confirmation.

Required tools: VOM (Volt Ohm Meter), small solder pencil, electronic solder such as 60/40 rosin core. Small side cutter, razor blade or Dremel grinder, miniature flat and Phillips screwdrivers.

  1. Open up the housing. Some pop open (use small flat driver on edges) by unsnapping and others may have 1 or 2 screws. Watch the position of the battery before taking things apart. Some housings do not well indicate battery position or orientation.
  2. Take notice of where the housing pushbutton is pushing on the circuit board. If you have more than 1 button, just select the one you want to use. Remove the board from the housing.
  3. Set the VOM to continuity, hopefully it has a beeper besides the display screen. Use the probes to locate on the back of the pushbutton, back side of board, the 2 or 4 points the button is attached to. Contact 2 at a time while pushing the button in and out until you discover your VOM seeing continuity whenever button is pressed.
  4. Remember the 2 contact points above. Solder the 2 orange wires from AS7G at those points. Watch the orientation or departure direction of the orange wires in relation to possible exit locations through the housing.
  5. Test your work by applying 12V to the red and black wires on AS7G, and installing the battery temporarily on your remote. Now activate the AS7G by touching the yellow trigger wire to the same 12V battery + terminal where the AS7G red wire is. (We assumed a positive trigger AS7G). Apply the yellow wire to 12V+ and remove it during fast flash, and see the LED turn green for 1 second. Your garage door should of been activated. See more detailed operation info under "How it Works" on the web site AS7G section.
  6. Now decide how to best exit the 2 orange wires from the housing. Carefully cut a V-slot or grind a slot into the joining edge of the housing. Alternative to avoid cutting simply close housing sides and tape together best possible, the remote will be hidden and no one will see this shortcut. Just be sure the battery is properly supported.

This completes your Remote's set up.

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